Bridge & Tunnel

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  1. Bridge Engineering Collection (Click to select the book)
  2. ASSHTO LRFD 2012 Bridge Design Specification
  3. Design of Highway Bridges – An LRFD Approach by Richard M Barker & Jay A Puckett
  4. Bridge Engineering Handbook (Superstructure Design) 2nd Ed by Wai Fa Chen & Lian Duan
  5. Steel Concrete Composite Bridges by David Collings
  6. The Design of Modern Steel Bridges by Sukhen Chattergee
  7. Bridge Engineering – Design, Rehabilitation & Maintenance of Modern Highway Bridges, 2nd Ed by Tonias & Zhao
  8. Mechanised Shield Tunnelling, 2nd Ed by B. Maidl
  9. Introduction to Tunnel Construction, 1st Ed by D. Chapman
  10. Mechanized Tunnelling in Urban Areas, 1st Ed by V. Guglielmetti
  11. Bridge Maintenance, Safety, Management and Life Extension by A. Chen
  12. Cable Supported Bridges, 3rd Ed by N. J. Gimsing
  13. The Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges, 1st ed by R. Benaim
  14. ICE Manual of Bridge Engineering, 2nd Ed – ICE
  15. Bridge Engineering Handbook by Chen & Duan
  16. Cable Stayed Bridges, 1st Ed by H. Svensson
  17. Bridge Aeroelasticity, 1st Ed by J. A. Jurado
  18. Handbook of International Bridge Engineering by Chen & Duan