Civil Collection

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  1. Blueprint Reading by Sam A.A. Kubba
  2. ETABS Concrete Frame Design Manual, Version 8, CSI
  3. Accident Incident Prevention Techniques, 2nd Ed, Charles D Reese
  4. Construction Safety Handbook – Land Transport Authority
  5. Construction Mathematics by Surinder Virdi & Roy Baker
  6. Building Earthscraper – EIA of Buildings
  7. Builder’s Foundation Handbook by John, Jeffery & Kenneth
  8. The Supervisor’s Construction Handbook – General
  9. Basic Civil & Environmental Engineering by Kaushik & Bhavikatti
  10. Basic Civil Engineering by S.S. Bhavikatti
  11. Common FAQ on Practical Civil Engineering by Vincent Chu
  12. Dictionary of Engineering, 2nd Ed
  13. Solar Technologies for Buildings by Ursula Eicker
  14. Civil Engineering Design & Construct – A Guide to Integrating Design into Construction Process by CIRIA
  15. Dictionary of Building & Civil Engineering by Montague
  16. Civil Engineering Formulae by Hicks
  17. Structural Timber Design ( BS code ), 1st Ed by A. Kermani
  18. Building Construction Handbook, 10th Ed by R. Chudley
  19. Accident Incident Prevention Techniques, 2nd Ed by C. D. Reese
  20. Civil Discipline Specific Review for the FE EIT Exam, 3rd Ed by R. H. Kim
  21. The Green Studio Handbook by A. Kwok
  22. Analysis and Design of Structures – A Practical Guide to Modeling
  23. 2009 Illustrated Building Code Handbook by Patterson
  24. Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book by Cobb
  25. The Construction of New Buildings Behind Historic Facades, 1st Ed by D. Highfield
  26. Concrete Repair and Maintenance Illustrated, 1st Ed by P. H. Emmons