STAAD.Foundation is standalone software with more than 50 different design modules and 5 different international codes. It is cost-saving downstream application that also enables engineers to analyze and design the underlying foundation for the structure they created in STAAD.Pro. STAAD.Foundation can automatically absorb the geometry, loads and results from a STAAD.Pro model and accurately design isolated or combined footings, true mat foundations and even perform pile cap arrangements. Data from other superstructure analysis design packages can be imported to STAAD.Foundation through Microsoft Excel. STAAD.Foundation not only analyzes and designs a myriad of foundation configurations, but will also produce production quality reports, detail drawing, schedule drawing, general arrangement (GA) drawing and detailed 3D rendering of your foundation structures. With full OpenGL graphics, engineers can clearly see the displaced shape, stress distribution, reinforcement layout and force diagrams of their supporting structure. All models use physical objects including physical beams and slabs that do not require meshing.

STAAD.Foundation Screenshot

For mat design, STAAD.Foundation utilizes a true finite element design using the individual element stresses rather than using column strips. STAAD.Foundation can be used in a stand-alone mode or can be used integrated with STAAD.Pro where the support reactions from the main model and associated load cases are automatically brought in.

For isolated (pad) footings, combined (strip) footings, pilecaps STAAD.Foundation utilizes rigid analysis and design method. These foundation can be also analyzed and design through finite element method using mat foundation modules.

STAAD.Foundation also offers special types of foundation like Dead Man Anchor Foundation (Guyed Tower Foundation), Drilled Pier Foundation, Ribbed (Beam) Foundation through Toolkit Mode.

The software name and its logo is the trademark of The blogger of “Civil Engineering” doesn’t host the software. It is sharing the link to download. If you have any problem about this link or software you may contact via Comment below!

Click Here To Download!!!


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